I am Dr Soumya Sarin!

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I am a Paediatrician, Neonatologist and a Blogger

Here I write about child health, general health and Lifestyle.

Hi, I am Dr Soumya Sarin. I am a consultant pediatrician and Neonatologist.I belong to Mannarkkad which is a small town in Palakkad district.

Why I started a facebook page and a website?
Nowadays all are getting very busy including doctors. I always felt a lack of proper communication between the doctors and the patients.It is even more in the field of Pediatrics as parents are more doubtful about everything related to their children
 Either doctors don’t have enough time to clear all their doubts or most of the parents are hesitant to ask them to the doctor.
 That’s why I decided to start such an initiative where I discuss simple topics mainly in the field of Pediatrics
One more thing is the influence of media among parents.
 So many wrong informations are getting spreaded among people through our social media.  So many quacks are infusing poisonous knowledge into their brains against modern medicine
So through this page, I would like to address their concerns and clear them to my best knowledge

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